Nature photos by Charles Grisham

    The Bible tells us that God created every living creature that moves, with every winged bird according to its kind. After speaking birds into existence, he said that this was good...I agree with him! Psalm 19 tells us that the skies proclaim the work of his hands and that his creation reveals knowledge and understanding about the nature of God.

    Over 10 years ago, my grandmother passed away. On the day after she left, I prayed for peace. After praying for help, I picked up the Bible and randomly flipped through it for a few minutes until I found Psalm 19. After reading that chapter, I felt the awesome presence of God. It was a truly peaceful and indescribable joy that transcended through the very heart of me. A few days later at the funeral, the preacher read my grandmother's favorite Bible verse, which happened to be Psalm 19! I had no idea this was her favorite verse until the preacher read it.

    Throughout my entire life, I have known that my grandmother loved watching birds. Her yard was full of feeders and she traveled across much of Alabama in search for birds that she might not have seen before. I share this passion with her! In my hunt for new species of birds to photograph, I have spent a lot of time in southeast Arizona, less time in north-central Alaska, and too many places to name throughout Alabama and Florida.

    I currently practice law in north Alabama. I have lived in this region my entire life, always fascinated with nature. With my camera, and when I have time, I search intensely for the raw beauty that is on our Earth. The beauty is everywhere, and if you open your eyes, you will see it. For me, the birds are beautiful, and they are challenging to photograph. My search for them gets me out into God's creation. Many birds fly hundreds, if not thousands of miles each year. My goal is to show you what is flying around in our skies. I want you to see what you might not otherwise get to see. If you find a photo you think is beautiful, don't give me credit, I certainly didn't create what you see in the photo.

    Please keep in mind that this website is always under construction. I have a lot of organizing to do! For example, there are many birds in the "Birds by Location" and "Birds by Trip" galleries that I have not yet incorporated into the "Birds by Species" galleries. Not to mention, I still need to label many of them /: After my kids grow up, I will have this site organized lol. In the meantime, I truly hope that these photos allow you to experience in some meaningful way how truly beautiful God's creation is (-:

    423 wild bird species photographed and counting!

    God Bless

    Charles Grisham