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Images of God's Creation

Welcome to my nature website!!

Ever since I was born, I have lived in north Alabama. Most of my time is spent with my beautiful wife and 3 amazing children, and with work as a full time attorney.

When time does permit, I search intensely for the beauty on our Earth. The beauty is everywhere, and if you open your eyes, you will see it. For me, the birds are especially beautiful, and are challenging to photograph. My "hunt" for them gets me deep into God's creation.

I hope that these photos allow you to at least catch a glimpse of how truly beautiful God's creation is very revealing about him! So far, 472 wild North American bird species photographed and counting!

Each year, we go to Arizona and Alaska, and also Florida a couple of times. In the meantime, I get out early in the morning before work in search of neotropical migrants that pass through this region during Spring and Fall Migration. Almost all of the photos on here were shot during the early morning hours.

I've yet to transfer many species to the "Birds by Species" categories. Many are hidden way in "Trip" and "Season" galleries.

I hope that you have a Jesus filled day (:

God bless

Charles Grisham